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TAMU ARCH 331 Summer 2013 Lecture Recordings (YouTube from eCampus - see Study Aids)

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Visual Analysis Educational Web Page


Turnitin.com Guides

TAMU Calibrated Peer Review (CPR)


NCARB - Basics of Becoming an Architect

TAMU Math Assessment Test for Architecture

Math Doesn't Suck

Kiss My Math

Visual Math Solver

Conversion Shareware

TAMU SCS Tutoring Resources

TAMU SCS Academic Links

TAMU Academic Success Center

ARCH 331 (Statics, Mechanics & Design) class page

Seeing and Touching Structural Concepts

Texas A&M - COSC 421 (Structural Systems II)

A Beginner's Guide to Structural Engineering

Michael O'Brien's Resources

Interactive Structures Web Site

True Films: How Buildings Learn

TAMU Writing Center Resources

TAMU Writing Center - Documenting Resources

TAMU Library Academic Integrity Tutorial

Plagiarism "Quiz"

OSU Chicago Manual of Style Citation Guide

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Architect Registration Examination Site (ARE)

Archiflash Study System for the ARE

Architecture Licensing Seminars

Kaplan ARE Solutions

ARE Review Manual, O'Hara & Ballast (at Amazon.com)

ARE Structural Systems: ARE Sample Problems and Practice Exam (at Amazon.com)

AIA Book - Buildings at Risk: Wind Design Basics

AIA Book - Buildings at Risk: Flood Design Basics

AIA Book - Buildings at Risk: Seismic Design Basics

AIA Book - Buildings at Risk: Multihazard Design Basics

Whole Building Design GuideĀ  - National Insitute of Building Science

Young Architect ARE Blog Posts

Illinois Emergency Management Agency

Building Safer Structures

The 100-Year Flood

Wisconsin Flood House Failure

Flood Tools.com - Map my Risk

Hurricane Construction Network

USGS Earthquake History of Texas

International Code Council Foundation - Building Safety Month

USC Seismic Page

USC Structures Page

Self-Anchored Suspension Bridge (San Francisco)

Cornell- Structural Element Calculators

Cornell- Building Technology Calculators

Philosophy of Structures - McGill

AIA Shape of America

ATC - Seismic Hazard Mitigation Briefs

Wikipedia - Earthquake

Wikipedia - Seismic Retrofit

Wikipedia - Tuned Mass Damper

FEMA Library - Designing for Earthquakes, A Manual for Architects

FEMA Earthquake Mitigation Handbook

NISEE (Bertero) Balanced Stiffness, Strength and Ductility

NISEE (Arnold) The Nature of Ground Motion and Its Effects on Buildings

Seismic Safety of the Building Envelope

Masonry Damage Modes at Pompeii


Portland Cement Association

PCA Buildings

Historical Timeline of Concrete

Portland Cement Association Building Case Studies

American Concrete Institute

ACI Concrete Terminology

Godden Structural Engineering Slide Library (NISEE)

Architectural Records Top 125 Buildings

Brick Institute of America

Bluffton College

National Concrete Masonry Association

Steel Framing Alliance

Middlebury Slide Library

Steel Sculpture Connections


Fabric Structures Association

NOVA: Super Bridge

NOVA: Physics of Stone Arches


Bruno's Steel House

American Wood Council

American Institute of Timber Construction

The Engineered Wood Association


Timber Building in Australia

Steel Connection Types

American Institute of Steel Constructors

Vulcraft Joist Catalog

Vulcraft Deck Catalog