Submitted Project Presentations

Spring 2019




Fall 2018

Centre Pompidou (Icon 3.6 MB)

The China Pavillion of Shanghai Expo (Icon 10.5 MB)

Stansted Airport (Icon 3.1 MB)

The Shard (Icon 10.0 MB)

TAMA Art University Library (Icon 2.9 MB)

Willis Tower (Icon 3.6 MB)

Wyly Theater (Icon 1.9 MB)


Spring 2018

CCTV Headquarters (Icon 13.6 MB)

Cellars at Pearl (Icon 5.4 MB)


Fall 2017

Berlin Hauptbonhauf (Icon 3.8 MB)

Capital Gate Abu Dhabi (Icon 5.0 MB)

De Young Museum (Icon 1.6 MB)

Leadenhall (Icon 9.5 MB)

Centre Pompidou (Icon 3.6 MB)

One World Trade Center (Icon 4.7 MB)

Taipei 101 (Icon 3.2 MB)


Spring 2017

Honey Exporter (Icon 7.4 MB)

William Clinton Presidential Center (Icon 4.9 MB)


Fall 2016

Burj Kalifa (Icon 2.7 MB)

Cathedral of Light (Icon 10.3 MB)

Citicorp Center (Icon 3.8 MB)

Educatorium (Icon 3.6 MB)

Federal Reserve Bank (Icon 5.1 MB)

Heyder Aliyev Center (Icon 2.9 MB)

Pompidou Centre (Icon 1.3 MB)

Seattle Public Library (Icon 2.4 MB)

Shard Tower (Icon 5.0 MB)



Aldar Head Quarters (Icon 5.1 MB)

Aurora Place (Icon 7.0 MB)

Burj Al Arab (Icon 4.0 MB)

CCTV Headquarters (Icon 15.2 MB)

Hearst Tower (Icon 4.6 MB)

Raffle City Chengdu (Icon 3.2 MB)

St. Mary Axe (Icon 6.5 MB)

Seattle Public Library (Icon 6.0 MB)

Seoul National University Museum of Art (Icon 6.3 MB)

Taipei Performing Arts Center (Icon 7.5 MB)




Cathedral of Christ the Light (Icon 9.5 MB)

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (Icon 11.5 MB)

Hearst Tower (Icon 7.6 MB)

Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (Icon 17.0 MB)

Institute of Contemporary Arts (Icon 110.4 MB)

Milstein Hall at Cornell University (Icon 8.7 MB)

One World Trade Center (Icon 17.8 MB)

Shanghai Tower (Icon 7.9 MB)

Wyly Theatre (Icon 7.8 MB)


30 St. Mary Axe (Icon 6.1 MB)

Geisel Library (Icon 7.2 MB)

John Hancock Center (Icon 3.3 MB)

Leutschenbach School (Icon 6.4 MB)

Linked Hybrid (Icon 2.6 MB)

New York Times Building (Icon 2.4 MB)

Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Icon 3.6 MB)

TAMA Art University Library (Icon 6.4 MB)



Al Hamra Tower (Icon 2.5 MB)

Canton Tower (Icon 1.8 MB)

Jinmao Tower (Icon 2.8 MB)

KAIT Workshop (Icon 3.3 MB)

Lyon-Satolas Station (Icon 5.8 MB)

Marina Bay Sands Hotel (Icon 2.7 MB)

Moses Mabhida Stadium (Icon 3.4 MB)

Puerta de Europa (Icon 2.4 MB)

Vanke Center (Icon 14.7 MB)

Yusuhara Museum (Icon 2.0 MB)



Guggenheim Modern Art Museum (Icon 3.8 MB)

Hydrotex Dynamics (Icon 6.3 MB)

Linked Hybrid (Icon 1.7 MB)

The National Assembly of Wales (Icon 2.3 MB)

Simmons College of Management (Icon 2.1 MB)

Turning Torso (Icon 1.7 MB)

TWA Terminal (Icon 3.6 MB)

Yoyogi National Gymnasium (Icon 2.3 MB)



Bejing Indoor National Stadium (Icon 1.7 MB)

Burj Dubai Tower (Icon 5.0 MB)

Citigroup Center (Icon 969.2 KB)

Lucas Oil Stadium (Icon 3.9 MB)

Madrid Airport (Icon 4.5 MB)

New York Museum of Contemporary Art (Icon 2.3 MB)

Seattle Public Library (Icon 3.0 MB)

Sendai Mediatheque Library (Icon 3.3 MB)

Trump Tower Chicago (Icon 1.5 MB)



CCTV Tower (Icon 1.2 MB)

Central Plaza (Icon 1.7 MB)

Century Lotus Stadium (Icon 3.7 MB)

Citicorp Center (Icon 2.4 MB)

Dallas Cowboys Stadium (Icon 2.4 MB)

Houston Astrodome (Icon 1.4 MB)

Lloyd's of London (Icon 4.5 MB)

Sacramento Airport (Icon 2.3 MB)

Torre Agbar (Icon 6.6 MB)

Water Cube (Icon 1.6 MB)

Wyly Theatre (Icon 5.1 MB)




Bank of China (Icon 7.4 MB)

Central Baptist Church Family Life Center (Icon 17.7 MB)

Cigna Point Building One (Icon 8.0 MB)

Dulles Airport (Icon 3.8 MB)

The Eden Project (Icon 5.2 MB)

Exeter Library (Icon 6.5 MB)

Hearst Tower (Icon 2.8 MB)

Petronas Towers (Icon 4.7 MB)


Fleetguard Factory (Icon 869.2 KB)

Guangzhou Opera House (Icon 3.3 MB)

Guthrie Theater (Icon 3.0 MB)

Hong Kong Bank (Icon 842.7 KB)

Keiller Building (Icon 1.2 MB)

Kimball Art Museum (Icon 2.1 MB)

Nasher Sculpture Center (Icon 743.1 KB)

Phoenix Central Library (Icon 819.6 KB)

Project Eden (Icon 1.3 MB)

Reed Arena (TAMU) (Icon 1.5 MB)

Reichstag Dome (Icon 6.0 MB)

Turning Torso (Icon 654.7 KB)



2005 *Build Project

The Best Structure* (Icon 2.1 MB)

Dirty Monkies Structure* (Icon 830.2 KB)

Falling Water (Icon 4.6 MB)

Imai Memorial Gymnasium (Icon 4.3 MB)

Kansai International Airport (Icon 2.4 MB)

London City Hall (Icon 3.0 MB)

Rigid Members Structure* (Icon 1.4 MB)

Sendai Mediatheque (Icon 4.3 MB)

Taipei 101 (Icon 2.8 MB)

2004 *Build Project

The Best Project Ever!* (Icon 1.1 MB)

Burj-Al-Arab (Icon 2.0 MB)

Euler's Derrick Structure* (Icon 1.4 MB)

Falling Water (Icon 1.6 MB)

La Grand Arche de la Defense (Icon 3.1 MB)

Matrimandir Temple (Icon 1.6 MB)

Milwauke Art Museum (Icon 3.0 MB)

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (Icon 928.5 KB)

Shear Enjoyment Project* (Icon 2.0 MB)

The Swiss Re (Icon 3.0 MB)

Team Hardcore Strucure* (Icon 1.2 MB)


2003 *Build Project

Alamillo Bridge (Icon 3.8 MB)

Carport Reconstruction* (Icon 3.8 MB)

Engineering Design and Research Center (Icon 16.5 MB)

HAM Structure* (Icon 4.2 MB)

Hong Kong Bank (Icon 4.7 MB)

Imperial Hotel (Icon 2.6 MB)

Orient Station (Icon 3.6 MB)

Romei Arts Center (Icon 1.9 MB)

San Francisco Airport (Icon 6.1 MB)

Wacky Shack Structure* (Icon 6.3 MB)

Your Momma's Group Structure* (Icon 2.4 MB)