Currently I am teaching the following 3 courses:

  • COSC 443 Industrial Capstone - Every Fall Semester
  • COSC 461 Building Information Modeling System: Both Spring & Fall Semester
  • COSC 650 Advanced Construction Visualization: Every Spring Semester

In COSC 443 Industrial Capstone, I teach undergraduate senior students how to identify work packages of a process plant construction projects, develop a logical construction sequence using those work packages, identify any risks in the course of construction, and develop a risk management plan. Students also get exposed to specific topics including project acquisition, planning, engineering, construction, start‐up, operation and maintenance, and turn‐around of industrial projects. Click [HERE] to see the Syllabus of Fall 2014.

In COSC 461 Building Information Modeling Systems (BIMS), I introduce Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology to undergraduate students. I teach students what kinds of BIM applications are available, how BIM is used for project acquisition, cost estimation, construction planning, clash detection, and field quality control. I also cover how BIM can be used for facilities management. Some challenges in terms of using BIM are also covered in my BIM class. Click [HERE] to see the Syllabus of Fall 2014.

In COSC 650 Advanced Construction Visualization, I teach graduate students how to use various Building Information Modeling (BIM) applications to enhance our decision making process in the course of design, construction, and maintenance of commercial buildings. To teach students various BIM applications effectively, I came up with the Goal Oriented Active Learning (GOAL) padagogy, which requires students to put their hands on the semi-realistic class project sponsored by various construction companies including DPR, Moterson, Skanska, Hoar, Satterfield & Pontikes, and SpawGlass. Click [HERE] to see the Syllabus of Spring 2014.

Since I joined the Department of Construction Science in 2001, I taught various courses and followings are what I taught in the past.   

  • COSC 253 Construction Methods and Materials I
  • COSC 323 Soils in Construction
  • COSC 351 Construction Equipment and Methods
  • COSC 621 Advanced Construction Project Schedule and Management
  • COSC 641 Construction Management Communication