Bhavna Nim

Bhavna Nim

Graduate Student,
Department of Construction Science,

Research Topic- A framework for accounting energy inputs and outputs on glazing as a building material.

Chair- Dr. José Fernández Solís.

This research aims at generating a framework for calculating the embodied energy of glazing considering the direct as well as indirect energy inputs. The embodied energy associated with this building material is significant and a better understanding of an energy economy surrounding the manufacture and production of glazing throughout its life-cycle will serve as a first step towards a larger framework for understanding the complexities of an energy economy.

My Comments about Dr. Solis:
Dr. José L. Fernández-Solís has provided me with all the valuable inputs required for a fruitful research on this project. The initial idea of this research grew with each discussion that generated motivation of delving deeper into the subject of energy economy. Dr. Solis has been the core of inspiration; I hope I can bring desired results as per his expectations.