Christopher A Williams

Christopher A Williams

Christopher Williams

Master of Architecture 2010

Research Topic- Post-Disaster Transitional Housing: Setting the seeds for long-term recovery in Barbados and the Caribbean.

Chair- Dr. Michael O’Brien

For the first few weeks during the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster, emergency congregate sheltering is able to sufficiently provide for the needs of disaster victims, but after that period, this stage and type of housing becomes inadequate to house victims in great numbers. In small island states like Barbados and other islands in the Caribbean region, the impact of natural disasters on the built environment is much greater than that of industrialized ones, and this impact exacerbates the aforementioned sheltering inefficiencies. The goal of this project is to design a housing unit that responds to the needs of disaster victims during the transitional phase – between immediate sheltering and permanent housing - during the aftermath of natural disasters in the Caribbean. The study will be focused on the island of Barbados with the intended scope of the solution being employed on other island within the region.

My Comments about Dr. Solis:
Dr. Fernández – Solís provided great insight into my project from several different angles such as the design itself as well as the logistics for the implementation of such a project. What I enjoyed mostly was the enthusiasm that he brought to our bi-weekly committee meetings. There were several times throughout my project when I would lose interest; however, Dr. Fernández – Solís helped tremendously in keeping me motivated to complete the project successfully.