Shannon Tipton

Shannon Tipton

Graduate Student,
Department of Construction Science,

Research Topic:
Analyzation of green building financial incentives offered by government entities to real property developers, owners, and builders in the state of Texas. 

A more widespread and rapid adoption of green building and sustainable development is necessary as global unsustainable growth and development are leading to an unprecedented number of environmental, economic and social problems. The continued increase of green and sustainable building practices in the United States is promising, but it is not enough to diminish the U.S. building industry’s contribution, both direct and indirect, to these problems. The environmental, financial, health, and community benefits of green buildings are becoming increasingly well-known throughout the U.S., but barriers such as no official, comprehensive sustainability policy at the federal government level, and a lack of industry participation due to inadequate education of both industry participants and consumers, are inhibiting the growth of green building and sustainability. While these barriers are important (and are discussed in this paper), financial disincentives such as the increased cost of green buildings, both perceived and real, as well as misguided incentives, are the main barriers keeping developers and building owners from more readily incorporating green and sustainable building practices into their projects and establish why green building financial incentives are necessary. Market-based policies, such as financial incentives, have been successful at promoting sustainability, but information regarding green building incentives offered by government entities is not easily accessible for all building owners and developers. It is the goal of this research to document the green building incentives available to building owners in the state of Texas. The identified financial incentives will help property developers, owners, and builders take advantage of the economic opportunities these incentives offer, and patterns and trends can be assessed regarding the green building policies of government entities at all levels.

About Dr Solis:
Dr. Solís definitely sets forth some great ideas for developing one’s research topic into a great paper. Although the topic of my research was initially developed and approved under a completely different committee, he helped me to add upon and improve the initial topic into a paper that I am very proud of and could not have written or completed without his help. He is definitely demanding (in a good way) and expects great things from his students while doing everything he can to help them achieve their goals. Be ready to put in a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it!