Vaibhav Malhotra

Vaibhav Malhotra

Graduate Student,
Department of Construction Science,

Research Topic-
Identification of Strategies & Challenges of Decentralized Alternative Energy Source for Reduced CO2 Emissions in the Mercantile Sector.

The research aims to identify strategies and challenges of decentralized alternative energy source for reduced CO2 emissions in the mercantile sector. The study proposes a system which produces a part of its energy demand out of its own resources. The renewable energy produced will reduce the load on public utilities, thereby reducing the amount of carbon emissions.

Comments (about Dr. Solis) :
Dr Solis has been an inspiration. He has guided me at every step of the research work. In depth discussions and brainstorming sessions by Dr Solis with the research team has further helped in streamlining the process and with progressive elaboration the research has grown with an in-depth analysis of the concerned subjects.

This research was presented at 
9th International Post Graduate Research Conference, Salford, United Kingdom.