Below are some of Professor Hamilton's contributions to the literature on healthcare design and organization development.

Rigor and Research in Healthcare Design: A Decade of Advocacy
published by Herman Miller in 2013.

Evidence-Based Design for Multiple Building Types
co-authored with David Watkins
Published by Wiley & Sons in 2009.

Design for Critical Care: An Evidence-Based Approach
co-authored with Mardelle Shepley
Published by Architectural Press or Elsevier in 2009.

Inaugural Coeditor, with Jaynelle Stichler, D.NSc.
Health Environments Research & Design Journal 
Interdisciplinary peer-reviewed quarterly journal of evidence-based design housed at Texas A&M’s Center for Health Systems & Design; published by Vendome & The Center for Health Design.

A Practitioner's Guide to Evidence Based Design
co-authored with Debra D. Harris, Anjali Jospeh, Franklin Becker, Mardelle McCuskey Shepley, and Craig Zimring 
Published by The Center for Health Design in 2008.

ICU 2010: ICU Design for the Future (editor)
Published by the Center for Innovation in Health Facilities in 2000.

Innovations in Planning for Health Facilities
Published by the Center for Innovation in Health Facilities in 1999.

UNIT 2000: Patient Beds for the Future (editor)
Published by Watkins Carter Hamilton in 1993.

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