Professor Hamilton's insight is well respected among healthcare design and architecture professionals. His experience and background afford him a unique perspective and knowledge which he is often able to share through speaking engagements.

For a complete list of Professor Hamilton's keynotes addreses, major plenary presentations, and invited presentation please view his CV.

Health-Care Design and Infection Prevention & ControlPlenary Speaker Toronto, Canada - 07.2009 | "Integrating Evidence-Based Design into the Design Process"

Greying Nation ConferencePlenary Speaker Edmonton, Canada - 06.2009 | "Designing Environments for a Greying Nation: Can Research Help?"

American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) PDC

Speaker Orlando - 03.2008 | "How the Icons have Fared"

Plenary Panelist Orlando - 03.2008 | "Evidence Based Design"

ICU of the Future at UCLA ConferenceSpeaker & Panelist Los Angeles - 01.2007 | "Evidence Based ICU Design"

Houston OD NetworkKeynote Houston - 08.2006 | "Architecture as an Organization Development Intervention"

AIA UtahPlenary Speaker Deer Valley - 10.2005 | "The Science & Art of Designing with Evidence"

INO SymposiumFacilitator Bern, Switzerland - 07.2006 | "Open Planning for Healthcare"

International Conference on the Architecture of HospitalsPlenary Speaker Groningen, Netherlands - 04.2005 | "Evidence-Based Design from a Practitioner's Perspective"

National Health Service conference on the Environment of CarePlenary Speaker Harrogate, Great Britain - 03.2005 | "A Practitioner's View of Evidence-Based Design"

AIA Columbus Keynote Columbus - 01.2005 | "A Practitioner's Perspective on Evidence-Based Design"

Providence Health Care conference on Building a Shared Future

Plenary Speaker Vancouver, Canada - 06.2004 | "Relating Facility Design to Organization Design: How Changing Physical Design Can Change your Operations"

Healing by Design ConferencePlenary Speaker Montreal, Canada - 09.2000 |