Graduate Students

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Student Research Topic Year


Daneshpour, E. Value generation in higher education space management through user-centric data analytics (Thesis), Role: Chair. 2018
Pranathi, G. Effect of the combination of management theory and the project delivery system on the cost and schedule of a construction project (Thesis), Role: Member. 2018
Vaziri, A. Does the Last Planner System impact the performance of construction projects in terms of time and cost? (Thesis), Role: Member. 2018
Abdagiri, P. V. Relationship between embodied energy and cost of building materials: A case study (Thesis), Role: Co-Chair. 2017
Dharela, A. D. S. A study of technology innovations and applications in transforming safety and security in healthcare facility management (Thesis), Role: Chair. 2017
Hernandez Saenz, M. A. Evaluation and optimization of functionality and durability of Porous Graded Asphalts (PGA) (Thesis), Role: Member. 2017
Rincon Fonseca, J. L. Does stakeholder ‘autonomous agent’ gaming in the general economy affect last planner system performance? (Thesis), Role: Member. 2017
Singh, N. Communication network analysis to compare BIM and non-BIM approach in the AEC industry (Thesis), Role: Co-Chair. 2017
Singh, S. Floor finish selection in hospital design: A survey of facility managers (Thesis), Role: Member. 2017
Tupe, H. V. Analyzing the mortality rate in the USA construction industry (2004-2014) (Thesis), Role: Member. 2017
Wheeler, D. Financial ratios and profitability? Financial strategy for mid-level construction firms: Growth or value strategies? (Thesis), Role: Member. 2017
Aldalbahi, F. A. Applying smart growth principles to new Ministry of Housing projects in Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia, Role: Member. 2016
Arenas Bermudez, J. E. Application of small unmanned aerial systems for monitoring cylindrical buildings (Thesis), Role: Member. 2016
Farzad, M. R. Interior close-range digital photogrammetry for an operational building (Thesis), Role: Member. 2016
Gadhok, N. Comparative analysis of lean and six sigma in construction: Benefits, obstacles and opportunities, Role: Member. 2016
Hasler, M. Critical success factors affecting successful completion of ‘institutional’ projects: A case study approach (Thesis), Role: Chair. 2016
Justin, A. A study of the potential impact of BIM and other disruptive technologies on facility management, Role: Chair. 2016
Ma, Q. Investigating the difference between LEED v2.1 and non-LEED hospitals in energy consumption: A case study approach, Role: Chair. 2016
Shahverdi, S. Key performance indicators for facility performance assessment: Measuring core indicators using Building Information Modeling, Role: Chair. 2016
Sindhu, J. R. N. Investigating risks inherent in innovative delivery systems: DB vs IPD (Thesis), Role: Member. 2016
Sullivan, D. A. Importance of preventive maintenance for multi-family housing units: Correlation between owner’s profitability and resident satisfaction, Role: Chair. 2016
Whittington, S. What are the root causes of wasted time in construction practices?, Role: Member. 2016
Aliabbar, S. The perception of value of physical learning environment change among end users, Role: Chair. 2015
Gohmert, B. C. Eliminating the risk of exceeding completion dates through incorporating submittals and material lead times into construction schedules, Role: Chair. 2015
Hernandez, F. M. The link between facility managers and the performance of their facilities: A case study comparing two school districts in Texas, Role: Co-Chair. 2015
Jahangiri, B. Student portfolio, Role: Member. 2015
Li, Y. Value stream mapping (VSM) in construction and manufacturing industry: Structured literature review and comparative analysis (Thesis), Role: Member. 2015
Nixon, J. R. Do replacement public schools deliver on promises after construction? (Thesis), Role: Chair. 2015
Sadhu, R. Comparing lean-IPD model underlying the ‘Toyota Way’ – A case study on production planning during construction of a healthcare facility, Role: Member. 2015
Saxena, N. Work order processing times – does BIM make a difference?, Role: Chair. 2015
Ferrer Garcia, E. R. Comparison of the perception of facility managers on green roofs attributes and barriers to their implementation (Thesis), Role: Member. 2014
Irvin, M. J. Spirituality in places of worship, Role: Member. 2014
Jodhani, J. Study of various parameters affecting decision making to provide aid in maintenance management, Role: Chair. 2014
Joshi, M. D. A literature review of soft-skills relevant to building proctors competencies in higher education buildings, Role: Member. 2014
Kakumani, R. Student portfolio, Role: Member. 2014
Lalwani, V. G. A study of literature related to facilities management and sustainability in institutional buildings to identify gaps in knowledge, Role: Chair. 2014
Minchew, M. Case study on a lighting retrofit implementation for life-cycle cost savings in a hospital, Role: Chair. 2014
Ellis, E. D. Preserving a heritage: Creating a more beneficial historic structure report, for contractors and a university (Thesis), Role: Co-Chair. 2013
Freeman, J. A. Building retrofits: Energy conservation and employee retention considerations in medium-size commercial buildings (Thesis), Role: Chair. 2013
Gheisari, M. An ambient intelligent environment for accessing building information in facility management operations; A healthcare facility scenario (PhD Dissertation), Role: Member. (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA) 2013
Gragera, C. E. Comparative study of enrollment retention and graduation patters between Hispanic students and White students in the Construction Science department at Texas A&M University, 2008-2012, Role: Co-Chair. 2013
Han, S. Creating quadruple net value in Cheonggye stream waterfront park, Seoul, South Korea, Role: Member. 2013
Medina, I. Sustaining stormwater runoff: A comparative analysis between an open-based and a conventional curb and gutter drainage system, Role: Member. 2013
O'Dair, K. H. A relationship analysis of project delivery methods and LEED certification process in Texas historic project, Role: Co-Chair. 2013
Yang, Y. A study of predicted energy savings and sensitivity analysis (Thesis), Role: Member. 2013
Yum, S. G. The use of BIM in construction for decision making: A case of irregular-shaped steel-framed building construction project in South Korea (Thesis), Role: Member. 2013
Cogwin, M. C. The recession's effect on residential construction and development in Harris County, Texas (2006-2011), Role: Member. 2012
Daniels, P. R. Pilot study for quantifying LEED energy & atmosphere operational savings in healthcare facilities (Thesis), Role: Chair. 2012
Hernandez, R. F. A comparison analysis of two residential wall systems: traditional stick frame and insulated concrete forms, Role: Member. 2012
Jawadekar, S. P. A case study of the use of BIM and construction operations building information exchange (COBie) for facility management (Thesis), Role: Chair. 2012
Kim, Y. H. Stochastic modeling of future highway maintenance costs for flexible type highway pavement construction projects (Thesis), Role: Member. 2012
Kuhlman, S. A. A comparison of energy consumption between traditional exterior wall framing materials and insulating concrete forms for educational buildings in North Texas, Role: Member. 2012
Madhani, H. P. Assessing the potential of developing a tool for residential facility management using Building Information Modeling (Thesis), Role: Member. 2012
Manrique, F. J. G. C. Quantification of time-cost-change orders among various project delivery choices for transportation projects, Role: Member. 2012
Martinez-Barron, L. E. Designing the health home: Infusing a community with health, Role: Member. 2012
Morgan, B. D. The comparison of building new vs. remodeling, Role: Member. 2012
Sertasupana, V. 121 Garden Hills: a 240 unit apartment development project, Lewisville TX, Role: Member. 2012
Soto, A. R. Creating value for developers: creating a competitive market advantage, along with operational and decision making value, by utilizing a skilled management company and facilities managers as consultants, for multi-family real estate development, Role: Member. 2012
Stempler, D. N. Strategies for optimizing energy management in healthcare facilities in the United States (Thesis), Role: Chair. 2012
Zhuting, M. Life-cycle assessment of highway pavement alternatives in aspects of economic, environmental, and social performance (Thesis), Role: Member. 2012
Balabadhrapatruni, A. K. Residential use building integrated photovoltaics (Thesis), Role: Member. 2011
Esqueda, R. Prison privatization and development, Role: Member. 2011
Jang, H. Sustainable rural development: concepts and evaluation for successful sustainable rural development, Role: Member. 2011
Kiss, C. W. Simulations of design modifications in military health facilities (Thesis), Role: Chair. 2011
Son, K. Regression model predicting appraised unit value of land in San Francisco County from number of and distance to public transit stops using GIS (PhD Dissertation), Role: Member. 2011
Youssefzadeh, R. Development in Sub-Sahara Africa, Role: Member. 2011
Gignac, N. P. Design of a sustainable educational facility located in a hot and humid climate, Grades 9-12, which specializes in ecological studies, Role: Member. 2010
Gunby, M. P. Identification of owner's project value interests (Thesis), Role: Member. 2010
Heckler, M. A. Stage 2.0: Housing for the second half of life, Role: Member. 2010
Mukherji, P. T. Study of possible applications of currently available building information modeling tools for the analysis of initial costs and energy costs for performing life cycle cost analysis (Thesis), Role: Co-Chair. 2010
Pathak, R. M. Framework for selecting leading performance tools for achieving LEED 3.0 credits (Thesis), Role: Member. 2010
Porwal, V. Last planner system - areas of application and implementation challenges (Thesis), Role: Member. 2010
Prakash, R.
Framework for understanding the relationship between lean and safety in construction (Thesis), Role: Member. 2010
Dixit, M. K.
Framework for a protocol for embodied energy parameters in building materials, Role: Member. 2009
Groom, A. C.

Investigation of the factors that affect the decision to repair or replace windows in Historic structures on LEED certified construction projects, Role: Co-Chair. 2009
Jawali, R. H.

Literature review and prototype development of BSEI (Building Sustainability Evaluation Index) for the construction industry, Role: Co-Chair. 2009
Malhotra, V.
Identification of strategies and challenges of adopting an off-grid renewable energy source for the mercantile sector, Role: Member. 2009
Nim, B.
A framework for accounting direct and indirect energies on glazing as a building material, Role: Co-Chair. 2009
Sen, T. Electrical and production load factors (Thesis), Role: Member. 2009
Aggarwal, C.
Diversity initiatives taken by US construction companies to deal with the problem of increasing number of fatalities of Hispanic workers, Role: Co-Chair. 2008
Barman, J. 
Facility managers' preferences for wall finish in acute-care hospital buildings in the state of Texas, Role: Chair. 2008
Bhattacharjee, S. S.
Investigation of contemporary problems and practices in post-hurricane reconstruction in the commercial sector of the southeast region of the United States (Thesis), Role: Co-Chair. 2008
Buchanan, B. A. 
A case study of disaster planning for nursing homes, Role: Member. 2008
Cluck, A. K. 
The old new: bringing people back to a historic downtown, Role: Member. 2008
Dabade, K. 
Evaluation of design terror mitigation based on risk factors for facility managers in public accessed buildings, Role: Co-Chair. 2008
Jhaveri, V. M. 
Evaluation of facility maintenance management practices in large public schools of Texas, Role: Co-Chair. 2008
Kader, S. 
Development of design strategies to support evacuation process of hospital buildings in the United States (Thesis), Role: Co-Chair. 2008
Luthra, S. 
Identification and analysis of LEED certification points that have not been pursued in most projects, Role: Co-Chair. 2008
Ramnathkar, M. S. 
Post occupancy evaluation of safety and comfort issues of hospital buildings in India, Role: Member. 2008
Ruparelia, K. 
Indian realtors' perception of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Role: Member. 2008
Somanchi, P. P. 
Investigation of time-cost relationship for infrastructure projects in India, Role: Member. 2008
Trivedi, P. S. LEED-NC credit point adoption trends and perceptions of LEED Accredited Professionals, Role: Co-Chair. 2008
Warty, H. V. 
Comparison of flooring materials for healthcare facilities, Role: Chair. 2008
Castelo-Branco, C. R.
An effective way to reduce residential construction waste: a case study in Texas (Thesis), Role: Member. 2007
Cooper, A. 
Mold susceptibility of rapidly renewable builiding materials within wall construction (Thesis), Role: Member. 2007
Jose, S. Application of Google Earth for visualization of energy use, Role: Member. 2007
Kang, J.  The impact of emerging information technology on the Korean construction industry, Role: Member. 2007
Mishra, R.  5D visualization in residential construction: a contractor's perspective, Role: Member. 2007
Sawlani, M.  Comparative analysis of different delivery systems used for the construction of the educational buildings in Texas, Role: Member. 2007
Shubham, M.  Cost efficiency of intelligent healthcare buildings, Role: Member. 2007
Vail, T. R.  The status of terror mitigation and effects on costs for newly constructed high risk public schools, Role: Co-Chair. 2006